Registration procedure and creation of the personal game account is an indispensable condition in order that the fan of gamblings could get access to all functionality of online services of Betwinner.

When going through the registration process, a new bookmaker customer must provide personal information:

  • name;
  • address;;
  • date of birth;
  • contact details – a valid e-mail address and mobile phone number.

The user can update the personal data in the section “My Account” on the Personal data tab of the official site at any time or having called the operator of support service. The participant of a bet has to enter the unique identification number and the password which will be used further for an entrance on the website.

As the internet is a global commons, using it to collect and process information can involve the transmission of this information around the world. Therefore, by registering and using our website, the betting participant acknowledges and accepts the processing of his personal data in this way.

From time to time the company can send to letter bettor to the e-mail address specified at registration with information on special offers (such as “free rates”, technical changes and new functions on the official portal of the bookmaker. If the bettor considers it necessary to stop obtaining such letters, it is necessary to introduce the corresponding amendments in “My account” in the section “Other Settings”, or to address to the operator of support service with a similar request for change of settings. You can also choose the option “Refuse a Subscription” in the lower part of any advertizing e-mail received from us. It will stop further sending advertizing letters for the e-mail address specified by you at registration on the official site.


For regulatory, anti-money laundering, anti-fraud and monitoring purposes, the betting company may transfer and disclose your personal data to relevant third parties including regulators, financial institutions, banks, identity and address verification system providers, payment system providers and financial institutions. This may only happen if they can be assured that their data processing and privacy standards meet our standards.

We take all necessary measures for safety of personal data and the maximum level of protection when processing personal data of clients according to relevant requirements of the legislation.

Important and necessary cookies

Important and necessary cookies are used by the bookmaker company so that any customer in our information or gaming resource may navigate the online portal and use its functionality, such as accessing secure areas of the website or making financial payments. Without said cookies, players will not be able to operate effectively on our web portal.

Registration process

These cookies collect information in the course of registration which allows our security systems to distinguish players as clients of our bookmaker office and to provide access to our services. We can also use collected personal data in order that it is better to understand interests and preferences of players and constantly to improve functionality and work of our web portals according to information obtained from our players.

Our website

To improve our services, we use the following cookies to collect information.

Our servers use three different types of cookies:

Our servers use three various types of cookies:

  1. Session-Based Cookies – These are temporary cookies that are only for your computer for the duration of your visit to our website. A session-based cookie helps you navigate through our site more quickly and, if you are a registered customer, it allows us to provide you with information that is more relevant to you. This cookie is automatically deleted when you close your browser.
  2. “Constant” cookies – this type of cookies will remain on your computer during the time determined for each cookie. Flash-files also remain.
  3. “Analytical” cookies – this type of cookie allows us to recognise and count the number of visitors to our website and to see how visitors use our services. This helps us to improve our websites, for example by making it easy for you to log in and find what you are looking for.

The decision remains for the fan of hazardous entertainments who was registered on our official web portal as it has a choice: to agree and accept or not to agree and refuse receiving cookies.

Most modern web browsers are capable of automatically accepting cookies, but our customer has the option to change the settings of his browser to control his cookies.

By means of the web browser, the fan of gambling entertainments registered on our official site can:

  • delete all cookies;
  • block all cookies;
  • allow all cookies;
  • block third-party cookies;
  • clear all cookies when you close your browser;
  • open a ‘private browsing’/’incognito’ session, which allows you to browse the Internet without saving local data;
  • install add-ons and plug-ins to extend the functionality of your browser.

Where can the gambling player find information on opportunities in management of cookies?

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Flash cookie

You may change your Flash Player settings yourself to stop using Flash files. The Flash Player settings manager allows the user to make selections and adjust preferences.

If you choose to reject all cookies entirely in your browser then unfortunately you will not be able to use some of the resources and services on our sites and some services will not work properly – for example if you do so we will not be able to save your preferred language.


In the best interests of all bettors, Betwinner records all telephone and internet communications with Customer Services for training, dispute resolution and security purposes. Should any dispute arise that cannot be resolved by Betwinner then the relevant recordings can be submitted to arbitration or governing bodies.

Other sites

The company website contains links to other websites. The company makes no decisions about how other online resources protect confidential information and therefore is not responsible for any information provided by our client to third party web resources accessible via those links. These links are posted on our homepage.

NetEnt’s security terms and conditions shall apply when playing slot games developed by NetEnt. These terms and conditions can be found on our separate webpage.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.